Current Members:  Share referrals, Testimonials, and Closed Business with other members!

The Future

We see this city how it can be, and know that it is up to us to make those changes. Are you ready to participate in something bigger than yourself?

City Involvement

Granite City has recently created an economic development council that is weighing in on certain agendas to grow our city. Our group has been invited to attend these meetings and weigh in on developments and ideas. We will Cultivate a culture that makes Granite a hub of commerce and utilizes it’s resources to build the future we’ve always dreamed. 

Our Success Stories

We are a non profit networking group, that means any dues go directly to assisting you grow your business! We meet weekly and allow for business owners to express business and community concerns with a plan of action as well as give them a platform to advertise what their business needs to thrive. Partnering once a month with People in Business, gives us access to speakers on an array of topics that can help your business reach new heights, as well as discounted business services. Anyone can join at the monthly People in Business meetings, however a core group of selected members, representing each industry, can be part of the core weekly group, following the below criteria:  

Attend 3 meetings per month (1 can be attended by an appointed substitute)  

Be the first eligible applicant in your industry to apply, pay initial registration, and pass a limited background check


Have a positive attitude about growing business and your community 

Who We Are

Granite City is a diverse city with rich resources and several geographic strengths that make it the ideal location for business development. Several entities have been formed to help facilitate this: 

City Economic Development Department 

 Community Events Staged Through the Park District

The CEO Program

The Chamber of Commerce

Rotary, Elk’s Lodge, Optimists Club, and several other networking organizations

Unfortunately, with all the good intentions, many of these groups were never aware of each other’s activities - Until Now!

Our Purpose

The Granite City Business Foundry is a networking group that communicates regularly with groups throughout the city and the business community to truly create a network of resources to help our city’s economy grow and develop the business community!