Laura Dumonceaux

LJW Tax Service

1506 Johnson Rd

Granite City, IL 62040

(618) 876-2122

Tonya Cook 

Lueders, Robertson, & Konzen

1939 Delmar Ave

Granite City, IL 62040


We foster an environment of cohesive goals and build upon the basic building blocks that allow us to pull resources and create a flourishing business community. Business owners with common goals work better together and forge long-lasting relationships. We meet with purpose and know that it will result in better business and a stronger community.

The vocational world is changing. Almost all these positions are now skilled technical labor, which require at least 2 year college degrees. We've found a unique funding vehicle to be able to reward Granite City High School graduates scholarship money for streamline programs which will result in more of the local labor force being Granite City residents.

Our mission is to establish a vibrant, robust economy for business within the Granite City community by linking municipal, entrepreneurial, and community goals, objectives, and ideas – thus becoming the glue between the sturdy resources and building blocks that make this city great.

Bring out the best of Granite City.

About Us

Old Six Mile Museum

3729 Maryville Rd

Granite City, IL  62040

(618) 877-1208

Shirts Galore and More

4132 Pontoon Road

Granite City, IL  62040


It takes a team of dedicated volunteers to make sure we are capitalizing on every opportunity Granite City has to offer and to utilize our business resources for the good of the community, and to strengthen and grow our member's business foundations.

A dream team to handle our resources.

We envision a place that fosters innovative concepts and a grass roots entrepreneur spirit that will become home to new, long term, stable companies. This will drive a lower city-wide unemployment rate and create extra funding. It will also rearrange the face of our city, making it a more desirable place to live.

Holt Shoe Shop 

2721 Madison Avenue

Granite City, IL  62040


Shipley Chiropractic

2502 Pontoon Rd

Granite City, IL  62040

(618) 931-2001

Joseph Mangi 

Farmers Insurance

3361 Fehling Rd.

Granite City, IL 62040



Six Mile Regional Library

2001 Delmar Ave

Granite City, IL  62040

(618) 452-6238

Stephanie's Spiritual Therapy

1412 E 20th St

Granite City, IL  62040


Mandy Harris


Granite City, IL  62040


Felicia  Urioste

Mr. Twist Ice Cream

2649 Madison Ave.

Granite City, IL 62040

(618) 877-6469

Just Teazen Hair Salon

2901 Iowa St

Granite City, IL  62040

(618) 451-7775

Julie McKinney

Julie's Honey

3279 Maryville Rd.

Granite City, Il 62040

(314) 325-2533

Tom Cholevik

Trans Financial


Dr. Laura Shipley
​Vice President
Lead the ambassador committee. Collect Dues and Make deposits. Coordinate Speaker Calendar,

Nicole Woolard

Push Media Solutions

(618) 795-0739

Tony Schoeber

Energy Connections

Kool Beanz Cafe

1316 Niedringhaus Avenue

Granite City, IL  62040

(618) 877-5730

STL Talent


Going above and beyond, these are people among our membership that voluntarily step up to lead subcommittees within our organization.

Our committee leadership

   Nicole Woolard


Create and maintain the community Calendar.

Send meeting notes out weekly to all members.