One of our immediate goals is to establish a business co-operative in downtown Granite City. Being located near the cinema, restaurants, city hall, and civic park this would draw business traffic to a premier destination in the community, giving us a better outside image. CEO students would have a home for their new organizations and we can build upon the synergy being created throughout this city!

We intend to work with local colleges and our local industry leaders to develop a streamline scholarship program for vocational and skilled labor needed in the Granite City area.  We've developed a unique funding mechanism which should give us the revenue to make this initiative impact the community in an extremely positive way.

At the heart of every community, stands the small business owner. Every week we meet at the downtown library to learn about each other's services and strengthen our synergy. We also discuss ways to improve residential communication and support local events.
Our mission is to establish a vibrant, robust economy for business within the Granite City community by linking municipal, entrepreneurial, and community goals, objectives, and ideas – thus becoming the glue between the sturdy resources and building blocks that make this city great.

We Believe in building better business through a stronger community.